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I suffer from omphalophobia.

I didn’t think to look it up before now and not only does my fear of belly buttons have a name, there are others out there that feel exactly the same way as I do.

I can look at mine or someone else’s belly button, but I can’t touch mine, can’t stand having mine touched by someone else and I can’t stand someone else touching their own.

Piercings etc are fine, as long as they’re not being played with.

It seems to be a little rare but others suffer from it too, and they describe exactly the same thing I do.

Here’s a definition:

Omphalophobia is a specific phobia, an abnormal fear of belly buttons. It is a fairly rare phobia. People with this phobia become distressed when anyone’s navel area is subjected to touch, especially their own.

I saw this on yahoo or wiki answers, while it wasn’t an answer, the description is pretty close to mine:

What is the fear of belly buttons called?

I have a friend who hates belly buttons. She can look at a belly button and be fine, but if you touch it.. she can’t even look and she turns pail white. She says she feels completely nauseous and it just freaks her out. She can’t even touch her own belly button..

There’s even a Facebook group for us. same description as what I feel too:

Category: Common Interest – Self-help

Description: Omphalophobia is a specific phobia, an abnormal fear of the navel or belly button.

A group for those that have an abnormal fear of the navel, touching one’s own navel, touching someone else’s navel, seeing people touch a navel, or hearing someone talk about it.

This seems to be a rare fear to have… a quick Google search indicates there are others out there with this phobia, but not in very large numbers. I have never actually met anyone else that has it.

There may well be many different forms of Omphalophobia, but I am not personally afraid to see a belly button at all. It’s only when someone touches theirs that really bothers me, or even worse tries to touch mine. I also don’t like it when someone talks about touching one.

Honestly, I wish I didn’t even have a belly button

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  1. OMG… It has a name and I’m not the only one!! For years I have had a huge fear of belly buttons. Same as a lot of the other story’s… No one can touch mine or I can’t handle someone touching theirs. Just reading these stories makes me tence and cover my belly with my hand. Worst part for me is I’ve had nightmares where someone/a stranger sticks there finger in my belly button and I can’t do anything about it 🙁
    I was actually googling to find info on a hypnotises … Need to get help as I don’t know what I’ll do when I have a baby :-/

  2. Leigh on May 21st, 2014
  3. god bless you all for letting me know we all feel the same

  4. steviewales on July 13th, 2014
  5. I feel really sorry for you people who have this phobia. I actually have a navel fetish and I find belly buttons extremely sexy. My navel is a very sensitive erogenous zone and when touched and played with by the right person, I find it to be very arousing and is a major sexual turn-on. I also find women’s navels as much of a turn-on as their breasts. For me, navel play is a big part of sexual intercourse.

    If you poke me in the navel without any warning, I’ll get a strange and pleasurable sexual impulse as though my belly button is connected to my genitalia.

    These people are missing out on a lot of pleasure and they have my deepest sympathy.

  6. Tony on September 27th, 2014
  7. I have had this for as long as I can remember and I’m now in my mid 40’s. I’ve never been able to touch my belly button, I can’t even look at it. It makes me feel nauseous when water goes in when I’m in the shower. For the last few weeks it’s been very painful and I’m too scared to go to the doctors as I can’t let him touch it or look at it! If anyone does try to touch it I freak out and have even lashed out. ????

  8. Karen on October 6th, 2014
  9. Hello fellow sufferers, the one thing I was looking for, was how to keep it clean, oooghghh? I’m 65 and it really isn’t getting any better. Since moving in 2001, I haven’t had a bath, showers, yes, but not a bath and I’ve noticed my bb is possibly a little bit cruddy, it’s only a glance you know. I’ve been surfing the web for ages (long before I discovered what I had)looking for a simple way to clean my bb, I’ve tried peroxide, using a dripper, but that means I have to lie on my back for quite some time, unless I’m in the pool on a floater and that means I can only do it during the summer. does anyone have a simple easy method of cleaning that won’t send me over the edge.

  10. Jo on December 7th, 2014
  11. I thought I was the only person in the world to suffer from this. I can look at them, touch my own but panic at the thought of anyone else touching mine, or see anyone touching one. My daughter thinks it’s funny to stand in front of me and touch her’s. That totaly freaks me out and she knows it lol

  12. Flash on January 24th, 2015
  13. Now I have 2 problems about navels, both fettish and phobia! I love to touch other peoples’ button especially males, but I hate mine to be touched!

  14. Fifi on March 3rd, 2017

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