My Drum

Here is some information on my drum.

My Dynamometer Drum Information and Pictures

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Here are some pictures of my "drum". I bought a lump of K1045 round bar for $1676.40AUD (inc GST) back in 2000. It was 460mm (~18.1") diameter round bar 600mm (~23.6") long. I then got the sides machined down to 80mm X 120mm stub axles, (do you think I feel sorry for the machinist that had to sweep away approximately 150kg of swarf from each side?). The machining cost $528AUD (inc GST). I also had the surface machined with a cross hatch for traction. All radii were specified by me. I ended up with a drum 360mm wide with a diameter of 460mm and 2 X 80mm X 120mm stub axles. Final weight came to 478kg (1054lbs), raw weight was 780kg (~1733lbs). The pillow block bearings (CBC UC216) cost another $300AUD.

So that's 460mm in diameter X 360mm wide and weighs 478kg. MOI comes in at 12.6513kg/m2

diy dyno drum
Side on shot of the raw bar.
diy dyno drum
Head on shot of the raw bar.
diy dyno drum
The round bar has been machined into a drum.


diy dyno drum dimensions
This is a dimensioned drawing of my drum.
diy dyno drum bearings
This is a dimensioned drawing of my drum with bearings fitted.


diy dyno drum
No.1 Apprentice with the drum in it's bearing housing
diy dyno drum
Drum with its bearings fitted.