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Tuesday, 02 March 2021
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TRE Basic Circuit Print

The following circuit is the simplest version of a TRE you can build. Switched and unswitched. Remember to use a 6K8 ohm resistor to simulate 5th gear if you want to defeat the speed limiter. Those models with factory gear position indicators will find that they will always display 5ht or 6th gear with a TRE fitted.

*** Make that the following two circuits. The 2nd one will do all of the TL's including the 97 TLS with the two wire GPS (and the rest of the FI Suzuki's, although it will still confuse the gear position indicator on the models with a gear position indicator). ***

Do it yourself TRE


Do a search on TLZone for TRE and you'll find a lot of info on it. Click here.


In the version below - found on the SV-Portal (I'm not sure if this was the 1st realisation of this extremely simple version or not, but it's the 1st place I saw it thanks to D'Ecosse pointing it out). The TRE acts exactly like an 'Active' one. That is - neutral remains untouched and all the other gears appear as 5th or 6th to the ECU. This only works as long as the gear position sensor is good. Several TL units have been known to go bad.

It doesn't get much simpler than this. Cut the red or pink wire, anywhere you like and fit a 6K8 / 6.8K / 6800 ohm resistor inline with it. Wattage is unimportant.

I have more comprehensive diagrams on the gear position set-up here! But basically it works like this:

  • 1st = 560 + 6K8 = 7.36K is > 5th gear
  • 2nd = 830 + 6K8 = 7.63K is > 5th gear
  • 3rd = 1K5 + 6K8 = 8.30K is > 5th gear < 6th gear
  • 4th = 2K7 + 6K8 = 9.50K is > 5th gear < 6th gear
  • 5th = 6K8 + 6K8 = 13.6K is Way closer to 6th than 5th 
  • 6th = 15K + 6K8 = 21.8K is > 6th < neutral and confirmed with test

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