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Friday, 19 April 2024
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Modifications to my Bike Print

Some of my Modifications and Accessories

Click on any of the images for a larger one.


I cut down the Yoshimura RS3 stainless bolt on can. It's now 310mm (12.2") long. The noise is ok through town when taking it easy but it's pretty loud when you open it up.

It was just a matter of driling out the rivets at the outlet end, pulling the core out and cutting down the outer sleeve and the inner perforated core by the same amount. I cut the packing down and slid it all back in and e-riveted it together using 3/16" pop rivets.


I bought some Sharp Racing Accessories rear stand bobbins through my local dealer.

Headlight Protector

Copper cloloured iridium headlight protector. Not much use at night time as it blocks a lot of light, but it's ok during the day.

Frame Sliders

The is fitted with a set of no cut "Oggy Knobs" frame sliders.


Front Axle Tool

I made my own tool for un-doing the front wheel axle.

It's just a 24mm nut welded onto the end of an old sparkplug socket. I chose the plug socket because I can slip a 3/4" socket onto the end of it and use my 1/2" driver breaker bar or air gun to break it and then use my 3/8" drive set to remove and install it.

Workshop Manual

I downloaded a pdf version of the workshop manual for my GSXR it has become an invaluable tool. A must for any home mechanic. It does expect a fair bit of mechanical knowledge to decipher it at times but there are some jobs I just wouldn't tackle without it.

As it sits today

Handling:Round tyres.

Performance: Yoshimura RS-3 bolt on can.

Cosmetic: Iridium headlight protector, Licence plate holder.

Functional: Frame Sliders.

Track days: Automatic Laptimer, race fairings to come.

Miscellaneous: Warning stickers removed.

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