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Thursday, 18 July 2024
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Workshop - Service Manual / Tuning Video Print

Some TL1000S resources. The TL1000S workshop / service manual also contains the Micro Fiche. The tuning video shows how to set the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) and how to synchronise the throttle bodies. The video is 26 minutes long.

Please link to this page if you're going to post a link to the manuals on other websites / bulletin boards. Please don't link to the manuals directly. I'd like for people to be given the chance to look at the rest of my site rather than just downloading a manual as I didn't build or get the site hosted for the manuals alone. Thanks, Steve.

Here are links for the TL1000S Workshop / Service Manual (including the Microfiche) and the TLS tuning manual. I've also added a TLR workshop / service manual. These are large files, right click "save-as". Don't just click on the links and try and stream them, save them to your hard drive and then open them.

If you want to share your find please right click "copy shortcut" and post a link to this page and not to the manual directly.

Suzuki Manual
TL1000S Workshop / Service Manual (and microfiche) 251mb. Right click "Save Target as..."
Tuning Video Thumb
TL1000S Tuning Video 212mb. Right click "Save Target as..."
Suzuki Manual
TL1000S Owners Manual 89 pages 7.6mb. Right click "Save Target as..."
Suzuki Manual
TL1000R Workshop / Service Manual OCR, search, copy, print what you want. 283mb. Right click "Save Target as..."
Suzuki TL1000R Fiche
TL1000R Fiche and part numbers 52mb. Right click "Save Target as..."
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