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My TL1000S has been sold


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I don't own the TLS anymore. I bought a K3 GSXR1000. Oops, I've sold the GSXR1000 and have bought a BMW S1000XR

These pages will continue to live. I don't plan on removing any of the information hosted here.

But TLPlanet is never stagnant. Visit TLPlanet where TL means Ticks Loudly, TLR means Testicles Lightly Roasted, your right hand side can runs hotter than left hand side one, fans turn on at 225F (106C), the bikes have rotary dampers and you will be slapped for calling it a dampener and the same goes for steering dampers too, there is no 'dampener' they just make things wet, canola engine oil is used and tyres are round and black for all your TL1000S & TL1000R questions, problems, modifications or just socialising. With 20,000+ members there's always something happening.

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