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My Battery Tender CTEK XS-4003

I used to occasionally use my Projecta “Charge N’ Maintain” battery charger on the TLS when it hadn’t been used for a while. It only came will crocodile clips (AU) Alligator clips (US) and wasn’t a hassle with the TLS as it was a key lock to remove the seat.

The GSXR battery is nearly 8 years old now, so I’ve been looking after it lately (occasionally) but it’s a pain to remove the seat as it’s held on with cap head screws.

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Motorcycle Wisdom

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I don’t know who wrote this, I saw it posted on a Bulletin Board and like it.

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The Pace

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The Pace
Separating street from track, riding from racing

writer: Nick Ienatsch

“The Pace”, first appearing in the November 1991 issue of Motorcyclist magazine.

Racing involves speed, concentration and commitment; the results of a mistake are usually catastrophic because there’s little room for error riding at 100 percent. Performance street riding is less intense and further from the absolute limit, but because circumstances are less controlled, mistakes and over aggressiveness can be equally catastrophic. Plenty of roadracers have sworn off street riding. “Too dangerous, too many variables and too easy to get carried away with too much speed,” track specialists claim. Adrenaline-addled racers find themselves treating the street like the track, and not surprisingly, they get burned by the police, the laws of physics and the cold, harsh realities of an environment not groomed for ten-tenths riding. But as many of us know, a swift ride down a favorite road may be the finest way to spend a few free hours with a bike we love. And these few hours are best enjoyed riding at The Pace.

A year after I joined Motorcyclist staff in 1984, Mitch Boehm was hired. Six months later, The Pace came into being, and we perfected it during the next few months of road testing and weekend fun rides. Now The Pace is part of my life – and a part of the Sunday morning riding group I frequent. The Pace is a street riding technique that not only keeps street riders alive, but thoroughly entertained as well.

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