Night time “sleeping” load / consumption of my grid connected inverter(s)

Friday, August 5th, 2011 Inverter, My PV Solar Stuff 18 Comments

I’ve seen several threads and posts on various forums where people have mentioned their concerns about the apparent power their grid connect inverters use of a night when the inverter is shut down or sleeping.

I highlighted the term “apparent power” as that is all it is when using a basic clamp on device such as a Current Cost EnviR and the likes to measure the solar PV system generation.

On my EnviR my EverSolar inverters show a power consumption of 37W each when they are shut down, but in reality it is only 0.4W

The apparent power consumed by the inverter when it is dark and the PV panels are not producing power is not the full story and is not what the consumer is being charged for.

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