ATX Bench Top Power Supply

Sunday, September 11th, 2011 Arduino No Comments

I bought a Sparkfun Benchtop Power Board Kit (KIT-09774) to convert an old ATX computer power supply I have into a benchtop power supply.

I could have simply bought the power posts and mounted them directly onto the power supply cover the same as the many examples that can be found with a Google search but I liked the idea of the fuses and the fact it is a plug in job in case the power supply dies and I need to use another one.

I’m happy with the kit, it came with everything needed including a power on LED. A switch to turn the power supply off and on (via the light green wire to ground) would be a nice touch, but it’s not to difficult for me to switch the power supply on and off at the power point as needed.

Sparkfun ATX bench top kit

Sparkfun bench top power board kit components.


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