New Victorian Motorcycle Number Plates

Friday, November 12th, 2010 Rants 3 Comments

Rant on….

Got my rego bill today, along with a flyer about the new general issue number plates:

From Vicroads: http://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/ 

Important note: With the release of the new format motorcycle general issue plates from 22 October 2010, you have the option of changing your old format motorcycle general issue plate to the new plate at no cost. To do so, you must visit a VicRoads Customer Service Centre and be prepared to surrender your currently registered old format motorcycle plate upon change over. This offer does not apply for lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed motorcycle plates and owners who would already have the new format motorcycle general issue plate.

In the flyer it says:

Currently, motorcycle number plates may have the same character combinations as other vehicle types (such as cars with personalised plates) – this can cause confusion in the community.

General issue motorcycle plates will follow a new format – see the example below. This will avoid duplicating other states motorcycle number plate combinations.

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Why would I try and save water?

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008 Rants No Comments

I hate paying my water bill. I’ve just paid my tri-annual ‘Services Account’. Although I don’t mind paying for the water. There is no financial incentive for me to bother to try and save water.

The cost of installing and plumbing up a rainwater tank vs. what is available in the form of rebates is a joke. The out of pocket charges are huge. The ‘Services Charges’ remain the same, and the drop in town supplied water charges is negligible.

The government offered a $2000 cash back grant for fitting an LGP system to a car. With some installations only costing $2500 it was only a $500 out of pocket expense. The price of LPG is a lot cheaper than petrol so there are some substantial on going savings to be made too.

Yet try and save water a ‘precious resource’ and there is no financial benefit to be gained, only extra expense.

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