My Useless PV statistics

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Here are some statistics for my PV system as at March 2013 (Since June 2011).

Total generated since June 2011 is 8360kWh. I have exported 6994kWh and self consumed the difference, 1366kWh. I have imported 2780kWh for the same period.

The 6994kWh I have exported at $0.66 / kWh has earned me $4616. Using the old 2011 rate of $0.29711 / kWh for peak import the 1366kWh self consumed has saved me at least $406 (the price is now $0.3410 / kWh). That’s a total of $5022 since June 2011.

Total imported for the same period is 2780kWh. If I add the 1366kWh of PV power I self consumed then my total consumption is 4146kWh from June 2011 to March 2013.

I have managed to export 83.6% of what the system has generated and the PV system has covered 33% of my total consumption.

ROI is going to be under 3 years thanks to the $0.66 export premium feed in tariff (PFIT).

10 Comments to My Useless PV statistics

  1. Hi Steve.

    First i’m surprised to see that the first page i came acros when googling for help with my Eversolar TL3000 and my PMU, was yours.
    We have once run acros each other on when i had my TL1000S. And here you are. funny thing…
    Well I’m from Denmark, name is Brian and i have the new version of the PMU. This one, i can not get access to via FTP. Only via AS-Control. Are you still using the old version.

    Yours sincerely Brian

  2. OBrian_DK on June 2nd, 2013
  3. Hi Brian,

    It’s a small world 🙂

    When I click on “PMU” and then “About PMU” mine reports:

    Model: Build 11
    Version: 1.0.3

    To FTP in I just type (< < my PMU IP) and I'm in. The AS Control program I'm using is 1.0.4 Build 132 I tried a later version but it didn't have the DDNS section so I couldn't use AS Control when away from home so went back to the older version. I have some bits and pieces here >>

    I noticed the other day that they must have a new version of firmware out for the PMU because I stumbled across this page >> my PMU doesn’t have the required Registry Key when I try and register my plant. Does yours have the Registry Key on the back under the serial number. I’ve tried asking if I can get some new firmware for my PMU but it’s hard getting them to understand exactly what I’m after. I’d probably have to buy another PMU if I wanted to use their phone app.



  4. Steve on June 2nd, 2013
  5. Have you read this post and the comments Brian?

    I just re-read it and perhaps the FTP function got lost with the new PMU’s that can connect with the “Solar Cloud”.

  6. Steve on June 2nd, 2013
  7. Hi again Steve.

    My AS-Control is ver. 1.0.3 Build 110 (can’t seem to find another newer version)
    And my PMU is on ver. 1.0.4
    My version can connect to Solar Cloud, but i would rather be without, because their service is just lousy. Now it have been down for 4 days again. And when it’s down, no readout possible.
    That’s why i was trying to get ftp access to PMU, but it seem’s not possible. With the ftp access, you could use or

  8. OBrian_DK on June 2nd, 2013
  9. Brian, I have a couple of later versions of AS Control here >>

    That’s interesting that the PMU version 1.0.4 doesn’t give FTP access. (Have you tried ActiveSync connection using a USD cable?)

    My live data on is via a CurrentCost EnviR, the manual data is by using exported PMU data each night.

  10. Steve on June 3rd, 2013
  11. Hi Steve. Yes my PMU has a reg. key.
    The biggest problem with the PMU is that, if you want to share the data, you have to do it all manually. And that i dont want to.
    So now im back to tinkering with the WindowsCE thats running the PMU. It should be possible to alter the recieving and sending part of the software.

    If i found a solution i will get in touch again.

    Yours sincerely Brian

  12. OBrian_DK on June 4th, 2013
  13. If you do find a solution, that would be good Brian. I know nothing about WindowsCE. Are you going to try and get the PMU to upload directly to ?

    On the disk that came with my PMU there are 3 binary files, are they of any use to you?




  14. Steve on June 4th, 2013
  15. I maybe. Can i have a look of those… will you upload them to your webpage.

    Thanks.. 🙂

  16. OBrian_DK on June 6th, 2013
  17. They’re zipped up here Brian >>

    I called it

    Good luck 😉

  18. Steve on June 6th, 2013
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