New Victorian Motorcycle Number Plates

Friday, November 12th, 2010 Rants 3 Comments

Rant on….

Got my rego bill today, along with a flyer about the new general issue number plates:

From Vicroads: 

Important note: With the release of the new format motorcycle general issue plates from 22 October 2010, you have the option of changing your old format motorcycle general issue plate to the new plate at no cost. To do so, you must visit a VicRoads Customer Service Centre and be prepared to surrender your currently registered old format motorcycle plate upon change over. This offer does not apply for lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed motorcycle plates and owners who would already have the new format motorcycle general issue plate.

In the flyer it says:

Currently, motorcycle number plates may have the same character combinations as other vehicle types (such as cars with personalised plates) – this can cause confusion in the community.

General issue motorcycle plates will follow a new format – see the example below. This will avoid duplicating other states motorcycle number plate combinations.

Arseholes. How dumb do they think I am? What moron in a car can’t tell the difference between a motorcycle and a car? How can the f#$king number plates confuse the community?

All it confuses is the cash camera’s that were once only supposed to operate in accident blackspot area’s to make the roads safer (because getting a fine two weeks later slows you down). I guess they’re sick of having to look at the photo to work out if it was a car or a bike or what state the bike came from. My plate has VIC on it, it’s a Victorian plate. Other states have their own marking on them.

I’m a member of the community and I’m not confused by NSW, VIC, QLD, SA, WA, NT, ACT etc on a number plate, and I know the difference between a car and a bike FFS.

They must have sent one too many fines out to the wrong person because the automatic plate recognising is confused between bikes, cars, and interstate plates.

The new plate format:

new cash camera friendly motorcycle plate

  • a standard font which clearly distinguishes between letters and numbers
  • a diamond separator between the second and third characters
  • they will start with a number, followed by a letter. The characters following the diamond separator will always be a number-letter-letter combination
  • the number zero “0” will not appear in any of the number positions

3 Comments to New Victorian Motorcycle Number Plates

  1. Sounds to me like it is a step towards making it easier for the revenue generating cameras.

  2. Reg on January 27th, 2011
  3. Friggen pen pushers inventing crap to justify the jobs that are paid for by us the taxpayer. its not broken u f-wits don’t fix it. They reckon it causes confusion in the community????? Says who? What sort of retard can’t tell the difference between a car and a bike. what a load of crap. I bet the imbecile who passed this hasn’t got the balls to put there name to this. Great dinner conversation this arshole would hold.

  4. KDM on March 31st, 2011
  5. Be very wary. The new plates do not differentiate between 0’s and O’s. If you don’t know where the numbers are on the plate it’s easy to get it wrong. Why does it matter? Because if you have a Breeze account for Eastlink and you get it in the wrong place you will get charged for having them send you a bill instead of putting through your account. Just another way to rip money out of you

  6. Gary J on November 20th, 2014

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