A scam, but how?

Saturday, August 14th, 2010 Scams and Spam 34 Comments

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I don’t know how this scam works, or what they get out of it. Do they get the circuit breakers using a stolen credit card number and then we get hit with a charge back? Or do they then decide to pay us by some other method when a dialogue is started? If I wasn’t so busy at work I’d reply to one of these to find out how it works.

I’ll paste a couple of samples.. I get them semi regularly. They are submitted via the online contact page on our web page.

Sample #1

This is an enquiry e-mail via http://keemin.com.au from:

Mr. Terry Smith <terry.smith3008@gmail.com>

Hello Owner,

My name is Mr. Terry Smith, and i am  inquiring about safety switches and i want to know if you do have some in stock or if you can special order them for me. Please if you can special order them for me i will be very glad for you to email me back the total cost for the safety switches and the quantities below.

63A 2 Pole Hager earth leakage circuit breakers………Qty : 30

Please kindly get back to me with the total cost including GST only but excluding freight cost OK. If i may ask, do you take credit card payments and whats the surcharge on each card you take? Also how soon can you get them ready for the pick up if i make the payment to you?

 Thank you and i look forward to your reply shortly.


Mr. Terry Smith

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