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Thursday, 18 July 2024
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Dyno46 Print

I purchased a Dyno46 IDE-RC1 Data acquisiton unit. It came complete with software, inductive pickup and serial cable to connect to a PC.

There is plenty of information about the data acquisition unit and software on their website.
Click here for the Dyno46 website

Still early days yet, I'll post up progress and results as I go. The going will be slow, as I'm in no rush. I asked for my unit to be set up for 36 pulses per revolution. The maximum frequency the data acquisition unit will work with is 4000Hz. My drum does approximately 3500rpm at 300km/h (186mph) at 36 pulses per revolution is close enough to 2076Hz. That about half of what the unit can handle and still should give me great resolution.

Now I have to get a disk machined up. 160mm in diameter. 36 tags that will be trapazoid in shape. 6.98mm long across the outside, 6mm deep and 6.45mm across the inside.

Here's a picture of the IDC-RC1 data acquisition unit.

dyno46 idc-rc1

Here I am bench testing on my coffee table again. I dragged the old VSD and motor out of the rafters in the garage I'm using the VSD to accelerate the disk as if it was my dyno drum being accelerated by a motorcycle.

dyno46 testing

The inductive pickup supplied with the kit is the black unit above my test inductive proximity switch. This disk with only two tags isn't working too well with the configuration of my data acquistion unit. As soon as I get a disk with 36 tags punched out, I'll bolt it up and see how it all goes and then hopefully get it onto the drum and start doing some real runs with it.

dyno46 sensor