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Thursday, 28 September 2023
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ATRE Print

I've created this page to post some information on the installation of the ATRE (Active Timing Retard Eliminator). One of several TRE's available. I have other TRE pages listed in the main index. (I've since had to remove the ATRE as my GPS started to play up in 2nd and 3rd gears which confused the ATRE unit, that's when I built my own Semi Active TRE.)

ATRE Modification

My installation of the ATRE

Here are some pictures and explanations of my installation. I've since removed the ATRE and fitted my own semi active TRE. It was a pretty straight forward job and took me a tad under an hour to complete. I basically followed the instructions that came with it, even though they were written for a Hayabusa installation it wasn't to hard to work out.

First off I removed the hump and front seat. Then I removed the righthand side rear panel. This was all I had to remove for the whole job. Removing the rear panel gives access to the fuel pump relay. This is used for power to supply the ATRE unit. While it was off I was able to check clearances between the seat and where I was going to mount the ATRE.

The hardest part of the job was disconnecting the original gear position sensor (GPS) plugs and plugging in the ATRE ones, without removing anything. It's a bit fiddly but can be done. On the TLS the connection is on the right hand side, tucked up near the ram air tube. Here is a picture of it with the ATRE cable connected.


Next I looked for a place to mount the ATRE itself. I settled on sticking it to the top right hand side of the ECU using the velcro supplied. It could have easily gone in the trunk space. I replaced the seat with the side panel removed to check the clearance, it's pretty tight in there. I'll have to separate the velcro to open the unit and make any changes because with the side panel refitted, two of the cover screws are inaccessible.

Finally I had to hook up power to the unit. Here I deviated from the instructions a bit. They suggested using a ring type pre-insulated lug (supplied) under the battery's -ve terminal for the ground connection. There are a few earths to choose from down that end of the bike. I used the one going to the licence plate illumination lamp. (Rather than the one in the "dealer mode" plug, tail lights and indicators). The earths on the TLS are black with a white trace. I chose the one I did as I thought it would have less affect on anything. The +12V power I took from the orange with white trace on the fuel pump relay as per the instructions. I did confirm with my multimeter that it was the right cable by turning on the ignition and switching the "kill" swith off and on. The connections are nice and close this way, not one on the battery and one on the fuel pump relay. I just followed the OEM looms for cable routing, double checking that no chaffing or squashing would happen. I secured the cables with the reusable OEM zip ties that hold various pieces of the original loom to the frame.


Active Timing Retard Eliminator (ATRE)

I bought my ATRE from SJL Products, Inc. Here is a blub lifted from the website on the advantages or the ATRE.

Programmable - user selectable option of which gears to re-map (Re-Map 1st & 2nd / 1st, 2nd & 3rd / 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th / All Gears)
Programmable - user selectable option of which map to use (choose between 4th gear, 5th gear and 6th gear map)
Overcomes the OEM speed limiter on 2001 Hayabusa's when set to 5th gear map
Untouched neutral map results in a smooth idle and cooler motor temps than simple TRE's
Visual Indicators - Power and Status
Fail-Safe Mode - reverts to OEM settings
Suzuki OEM connectors - no cutting of harness required
Low current consumption - max. 60mA
Over-Voltage and current protection
Epoxy protection - humidity and vibration resistant
Surface Mount Electronics used
Small size, fits easily under body work - Dimensions: 74mm x 49.5mm x 25.4mm
Only a few minutes required for changing of settings - ideal for drag-strip

Do it yourself TRE


Do a search on TLZone for TRE and you'll find a lot of info on it. Click here.


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