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Monday, 06 December 2021
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ECU and VIN's Print

This is some information on TLS ECU part numbers that I've gathered and put in one place. All I can guarantee is that my AU '98 TLS has a 32920-02F60 which matches up with the data supplied. Many thanks to the people who supplied this information without even realising it. I've added a little on engine numbers at the bottom of the page.

ECU Part Numbers



  • 32920-02F00 UK & Australia (original)
  • 32920-02F01 NZ & Australia (new)

  • 32920-02F10 French (original 100hp?)
  • 32920-02F11 French (new)

  • 32920-02F20 German (original)
  • 32920-02F21 German (new)

  • 32920-02F30 Japanese (restricted)

  • 32920-02F40 USA (original)
  • 32920-02F41 USA (new, per Suzuki)

  • 32920-02F50 Swiss


TL1000S(W/X/Y) (98/99/2000):

  • 32920-02F60: Remaining countries

  • 32920-02F70: France

  • 32920-02F90: Germany

  • 32920-02FK0: Switzerland

Market Codes and VIN's


  • E02 = UK

  • E03 = USA

  • E04 = French

  • E18 = Swiss

  • E21 = Belgian

  • E22 = German

  • E24 = Australian

  • E25 = Holland

  • E28 = Canada

  • E33 = US (Californian)

  • E34 = Italian

  • E37 = Brazilian

  • E39 = Österreich

  • E53 = Spain


TL1000S(V) (1997):

  • TL1000SV (E2) JS1AG111300100001

  • TL1000SV (E4) JS1AG211100100001

  • TL1000SV (E18) JS1AG121500100001

  • TL1000SV (E22) JS1AG311500100001

  • TL1000SV (E24) JS1AG111400100001

  • TL1000SV (E25;E34) JS1AG111100100001

  • TL1000SV (E39) JS1AG321200100001


TL1000S(W) (1998):

  • TL1000SW (E2) JS1AG111300101147

  • TL1000SW (E4) JS1AG311100100001

  • TL1000SW (E18) JS1AG121500100547

  • TL1000SW (E22) JS1AG321500100001

  • TL1000SW (E24) JS1AG111400100446

  • TL1000SW (E25;E34) JS1AG111100102583


TL1000S(X) (1999):

  • TL1000SX (E2) JS1AG111300101207

  • TL1000SX (E4) JS1AG311100100003

  • TL1000SX (E18) JS1AG121500100857

  • TL1000SX (E22) JS1AG321500100048

  • TL1000SX (E24) JS1AG111400100932

  • TL1000SX (E25;E34) JS1AG111100102957


TL1000S(Y) (2000):

  • TL1000SY (E2) JS1AG111300101667

  • TL1000SY (E4) JS1AG311100100239

  • TL1000SY (E18) JS1AG121500100977

  • TL1000SY (E22) JS1AG321500101168

  • TL1000SY (E24) JS1AG111400101137

  • TL1000SY (E25;E34) JS1AG111100103234


Engine Numbers


There doesn't appear to be any meaning to the last 5 digits of the engine numbers, they're just sequential and I've not seen anly lists that match years with numbers, so the best you can do is tell what it was originally built for by the prefix. I've included the SV1000 prefix too, but there are a lot of differences between the SV1000 engine and the TL1000 engine, S or R

  • TL1000S = T501
  • TL1000R = T504 (and some T505)
  • SV1000 = T508
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