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Monday, 06 December 2021
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Ride Height Adjuster Print

I fitted a rear Ride Height Adjuster so I can alter the bikes handling by raising or lowering the rear end of it.

Here's a run down of what I did when fitting my Ride Height Adjuster (RHA) and why. It was a painless exercise for me as I had all the suspension out not long ago to fit the Bitubo so all the bolts and bearings etc had been greased. If you have one of these your results may vary as these aren't a mass produced item, so not all might be exactly the same.

I was able to leave the rear wheel in place and unbolted the RHS rearset and just swung it out of the way. (It would be best to unbolt the rear set and swing it out of the way when adjusting the link too).

(All images are "click for a 800 X 600 one")

1st off, I bolted the two links together so I could get a standard setting for the RHA. I wanted to be sure that at its minimum setting that it was at least stock height. But it was a few mm longer. The bolt that is for the link to the swingarm was ok for this as it was long enough and there was enough thread to hold the two links together to see what was going on.
Ride Height Adjuster

I found that mine was slightly longer than the OEM link when wound down to minimum. Not out by much, just a slight miss-match.
Ride Height Adjuster

Another view, just a poofteenth out.
Ride Height Adjuster

So using a hacksaw I cut two threads off the Rose Joint shaft.
Ride Height Adjuster

Now on its minimum setting the length was shorter than OEM (If I even needed to lower the rear end I now can) The miss-match is on the other side now :)
Ride Height Adjuster

Another view, just a poofteenth out the other way.
Ride Height Adjuster

Using another bolt at the other end, I was able to set the RHA to the OEM length for a starting point.
Ride Height Adjuster

Here it is fitted.
Ride Height Adjuster

What I found by cutting the two threads off my Rose Joint was I could lower the rear end by about 14mm (where I took my measurements = close to the centre of where the tyre meets the road with the axle about 1/2 through the swingarm adjustment slots).

Also, each flat on the main adjusting nut = 4mm of height difference. Don't go ape-shit when adjusting it. A little tweak will probably equal a noticable handling change.

There wont be a change in handling yet as I've left it at the same length as OEM. I have a slight jacking of the rear end courtesy of a 190/55 already. When I get a chance, I'll lug some big spanners around with me and try different settings on the road.

I got mine via a group buy on Organised by Ziggy999

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