Doubling My PV System Capacity

Sunday, July 17th, 2011 My PV Solar Stuff 2 Comments

I doubled my system capacity / size by fitting a 2nd row of 9 PV panels and a 2nd Eversolar TL1500AS inverter.

This time I fitted 9 X NESL DJ-190 D/A 190 Watt mono panels. I can now monitor the performance differences between the original Trunsun Solar TSM190 /MONO using the EverSolar PMU and AS Control software.

It is definitely not an economical way to do it. Consumers should always install the absolute maximum system size they can fit and afford in the first place. 2 X 1.5kW inverters cost more than 1 X 3kW inverter. The resubmission of paperwork, the re-inspection fees etc all add up. But it does have at least one advantage, it gives me redundancy, if something goes wrong with one of the systems instead of losing all of my generating capacity, I only lose half of it.

From this to this:

EverSolar TL1500AS Inverter and PMU Two EverSolar TL1500AS Inverters and PMU

(Click any of the images for a larger view)

One row of 9 X Trunsun Solar TSM190 / Mono PV panels (top) and one row of 9 X NESL DJ-190 D/A PV panels (bottom):

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2 Comments to Doubling My PV System Capacity

  1. Hi
    From your earlier post on Monitoring Systems,
    depending on the size of your PV plant the German Solar-Log price varies.
    So for the 1.5K the price of SL-200 is $370.
    It’s worth the price because of all the technical details you can see on your web browser.

  2. PVMEC on August 16th, 2011
  3. I’m not sure what you mean? With the PMU it doesn’t matter what size the system is or how many inverters you have (within reason, up to 10 is the optimum)it’s still the same price. 😉

  4. Steve on August 16th, 2011

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