My Battery Tender CTEK XS-4003

I used to occasionally use my Projecta “Charge N’ Maintain” battery charger on the TLS when it hadn’t been used for a while. It only came will crocodile clips (AU) Alligator clips (US) and wasn’t a hassle with the TLS as it was a key lock to remove the seat.

The GSXR battery is nearly 8 years old now, so I’ve been looking after it lately (occasionally) but it’s a pain to remove the seat as it’s held on with cap head screws.

I could have jerry rigged a quick connect / disconnect plug, but thought it was time to find another battery tender that had the plugs supplied with the benefit of them being weather proof.

I did some searching and kept coming back to the CTEK XS4003. So I grabbed one off eBay ($85AUD delivered was the cheapest by far for us Aussies, but they went up soon after, but still the cheapest I’ve found since).

I’m impressed. 4 modes, 8 stage charging. (8 stage charging might sound like a wank, but it’s important to me how it goes about it). Suitable for outdoor use, comes with eye-lets and plug, clips and plug (and travel bag ).

Steve approved 😉

Leads onto the battery (the only thing I would like is fused leads, but it’s still not enough to get me to fit my own in-line fuse even though I have a few holders here).
XS-4003 Battery Connections

Plug rests behind the rear brake reservoir
Plug stowed away behind the rear brake reservoir

Plug out
Plug hanging from subframe for connection

Plug connected 😆
Plug connected to the charger

The charger on my bench at stage 4 (absorption)
Battery tender XS-4003 on my bench. At stage 4. (Absorption)

Their pic:
Promo: XS-4003 features

(The cold mode can be used for AGM batteries too as it bumps the voltage from 14.4VDC to 14.7VDC for the pulse in maintenance mode).

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