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Monday, 06 December 2021
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Dealer Mode Print

This page is about getting the bike into dealer mode to check for fault code and to set the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS)

The instructions are valid for the TLS and the TLR and the fault codes are the same for both bikes except the TLR has a couple of extra codes for the secondary injectors.

Entering Dealer Mode

Remove the rear passenger seat or hump and check the right hand side of the trunk. You're looking for a white plug that is supposed to have a rubber plug over it. The plug has provision for 4 wires, but there are only two in it. (A white with a red trace and a black with a white trace). The plug might be hiding between the rear subframe and fairing and will take a bit of searching. Once I'd found mine, I just left it in the trunk area for easier use.

Simply use a piece of wire or a paper clip or similar to bridge the wires together. Some will say be careful not to let the paper clip touch the frame etc, but it doesn't matter the black / white trace is a ground anyway.

The Display

Once you have the bike in dealer mode the display on the tachometer will change. Instead of reading the temperature or alternating between the temperature and "FI" it will show the TPS bar and Cxx.

C00 = No fault. (If "CHEC" is displayed, you can't enter dealer mode. Put the bike in neutral and make sure the bar switch is on).

LCD Middle
C00 = No fault code and the TPS bar in the centre which is good for 1200RPM.
LCD Upper
C00 = No fault code and the TPS bar at the top which is good for 1400+RPM.

Fault Codes

Click here! for the complete list of fault codes.

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