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Monday, 06 December 2021
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Oil Filter Part Numbers

There have have been several oil filters used on the TL engine. I'll try to explain the changes as best as I can based on information I've gathered.

The superseded part number information comes from the RonAyers website. They have a handy "Part Number Search" and "Where does this part fit" search ability.

Initially the filter difference and warning was given in the TL1000S technical update (Suzuki part # 99923-15971-001). It stated the following:

NOTE: When replacing the oil filter, be sure to use the proper one PN 16510-34E00 Oil Filter This filter looks similar to the filter used on GSX-R, Katana and VS models. However, it is constructed different internally with a different oil bypass pressure valve. Please remind your service and parts department staff of this difference so customers will receive the correct filter.

Back then the '98 GSXR was using a filter with the part number: 16510-06B01 and the TL1000S one was 16510-34E00

So the history is something like this:

  • The TL and GSXR had different filters. 16510-34E00 & 16510-06B01
  • Then the GSXR used the same TL filter. 16510-34E00
  • Then the GSXR and TL had different filters 16510-34E00 & 16510-03G00
  • Then the GSXR & TL end up with the same filter again. 16510-03G00-X07

The filter history has done a full circle and then some. Doing a "Where does this part fit" on the RonAyers brings up a large list of Suzuki's that currently run the latest filter, the 16510-03G00-X07

From RonAyers ....

16510-06B01 (Old GSXR)
Parts found with Part Number: 16510-06B01 
Description 16510-34E00 
Price $11.83 
  This item has be Superseded to a new part number: 16510-34E00  
16510-34E00 (Old TL1000S)
Parts found with Part Number: 16510-34E00 
Description 16510-03G00-X07 
Price $11.02 
  This item has be Superseded to a new part number: 16510-03G00-X07  
16510-03G00-X07 (Present TL & GSXR)
Parts found with Part Number: 16510-03G00-X07 
Description FILTER ASSY,ENG 
Price $9.10 

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